The Lady With Red Hair In The White Dress

A short love story dedicated to my wife.

She currently occupies my dreams and my woken mind, the lady with red hair. Her beautiful brown eyes softly sparkle in the light and I am instantly lost in them. I long to hold her close and press my lips against hers. I open my arms towards her and she accepts my invitation enthusiastically, pressing her body firmly and reassuringly against mine. Holding her tightly but affectionately, I gently kiss the top of her head as she softly caresses the flat of my back. I feel love’s powerful energy flow through me as it cascades against the two of us. We are as one and I am truly thankful. Oh how I truly do love this lady with red hair! This angel, this spirit who has brought me back to life, resurrecting the passing of my heart of which I am honoured to say she know owns.

The past dreams I had of the lady with red hair were constant. She was unknown to me then and I longed to find her, the one, my true love and my soulmate. I recall with great excitement the moment we first did meet and how moved I was by her beauty, instantly lost in the soft glow of those beautiful brown eyes, enchanted forevermore. I recall the dark times though. Those insipid moments of life when she wasn’t mine and neither was I hers. A broken soul was I, verging on consumption from chaos. My only respite from the pointlessness of being was seeing her momentarily, the lady with red hair. Engulfed as I was by my own desperate existence, I almost let her fall away from my touch and my undying love. But my heart and my soul would not be still until they had found sanctuary in the bosom of their true keeper, the lady with red hair.

I fought off the demons that plagued me so and found the courage from within to find her again, to touch her soul with my love. To my utmost delight, it was received warmly and reciprocated in kind. Through the adversity represented by the very means of existence, love was discovered and it was able to develop, flourish and stand freely on it’s own two feet. The lady with red hair was my saviour and unbeknown to me, so too was I hers. Our formative years were strong and steadfast, our love breathing new life into our souls and new meaning into our combined existence. The new union formed a deep bond between our combined offspring, so natural and healthy that it injected a new sense of purpose within us, particularly in my rejected and bruised heart. Nothing became something, something became possibility and possibility became everything!

Time was kind and accepting of the newly formed existence. It assisted, advised and allowed purpose to be explored. With a heart full of love and hope, I still dreamt of the lady with red hair, be it night or day. But I knew that she was there for me, always, as I was for her. Despite the greyness trying to seep through into my mind, the ghosts of the past daring to reclaim some element of what they considered to be theirs, life progressed beautifully with love and compassion. The dream that I had held so steadfastly, hopefully and passionately became a reality!

I eventually stood there in front of the lady with the red hair in the white dress, so passionately committed and in love. Vows were exchanged and lifelong promises made. How I truly loved her so and how I honourably do so now, even more so than that day, if that is actually possible. How I now exist and live free from the pain that once inhabited my soul. How I will always love her deeply, passionately and truthfully. The lady with the red hair in the white dress has made me who I am. She has allowed me to experience a life that I could and did only dream about. It is real, it is pure and I am truly thankful!

Every day I look into her eyes, those soft big brown pools of love and I am lost in them once more. She is my world, my life and my new dreams. She is my future, my hope and my existence. She is the giver of a child, the most miraculous gift in life. Without her I am nothing, with her I am something and I truly do love her with all my heart and soul! This angel, this spirit so pure, this lady with red hair in the white dress.


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