Silence is golden, or so they say. But it isn’t in my opinion. If you listen closely to silence, you can hear so much. Truth and lies are told in tandem, silently passing you by because you either can’t hear them or don’t listen!

Take the teacher who instructs the students to be silent on entering the classroom. It never is. You can often hear the faint sound of sniggering hidden behind the breathing of thirty plus souls. Mechanical sounds from electronic devices, wind breaking beneath the doors and people outside in the corridors.

Examination halls demand silence! It’s explicitly dictated in big red letters on the board presenting the rules. But it’s never truly observed. There is always someone who wrestles with a cough, trying desperately to silence it, but ultimately succumbs to a cacophony of noise, spluttering away in the process!

Observing a minutes silence on the on the eleventh of November is possibly the nearest we get. But it’s broken by the sound of disrespectful wildlife chattering and the vehicles of transportation that simply cannot wait to reach their destination!

No, you cannot have true silence! You listen too hard, seeking for the comfort of regular noises. It reminds you that you are alive and that you exist in the present. I doubt even ghosts circulate amongst us under a perfect blanket of noiselessness. They speak to each other, I am certain. Communicating with each other, whispering among themselves! You can hear them, if you listen hard enough! Whoever said the dead are truly silent was either incredibly stupid or plain naive! They are far from silent, they exist within noise, desperately seeking attention and wanting to be heard!

Try sleeping quietly one night in your perfectly insulated bedroom, where no natural noises can be heard. Other than your own breathing, you will hear noises, I guarantee it! You will hear them talk! The ghosts consume the silence, persisting that they will be heard. You cannot even be silent in your own mind! That’s no safe haven you naive fool! The ghosts will inhabit that environment at the earliest opportunity. They will lock into a persons mind, infect  their soul and take residency. It’s what they crave! Taking your mind is priceless to them. Once inside, the ghosts will always be heard. They will never cease their constant chattering or passing visions directly into your subconscious. They are noise and you hear them constantly! Ghosts, spirits and other entities will taunt you, particularly in your quietest moments, when you desperately want some quiet time to yourself!

Can you ever find silence in life? Perhaps silence will only be prominent in death? But then, after you have passed, you will exist as a ghost and you will invade the silence of those who live. It is constant and it will always be!

Silence is golden!


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