Poetry 2017

Having fallen back in love with poetry, I’m really excited that I’ve rediscovered the desire to try and write it! I owe a lot of this fervor to being incredibly inspired by the excellent poetry of the hugely talented Richard Archer, whom I’m delighted to be acquainted with. I’ve particularly enjoyed his fantastic book, Poems On The Bus and I heartily recommend it’s purchase!

My prolific days of writing poetry were nearly twenty five years ago! Sadly, none of the material I wrote exists anymore and there certainly wasn’t any of it published in any format. I shall not make that mistake again!

I find writing poems to be an incredibly fulfilling creative release and it’s an interesting distraction away from my current story writing, which are predominantly dark fiction and horror based. I enjoy the brief moments of writing poetry and the varied locations I journey to. The styling of poetry I’ve written so far is quite varied. Some are light-hearted and others are observations on modern life. There are some quite surreal and the odd one or two that slip into my dark world!

It is my intention to share these poems on this website on a regular basis. At the end of 2017, I’m hoping to have a quite a collection which I might publish in a book. I’d happily welcome any feedback and critique.

Thanks for reading and supporting the nonsense so far.



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