My Son – a poem about….

It is an honour that you’re my son,

I am so proud of what you’ve become.

Despite the challenge in our life,

You’ve grown so well within the strife.

I’ve done the best to be your Dad,

Hate the world when you are sad.

But, you have learnt and been so kind,

Respectfully developed your own mind.

Taught all the lessons that I can,

With so much love as my best man.

Admire the way you continue to grow,

You’re a person I’m proud to know.

Accepting how I am myself,

You give a gift of so much wealth.

Go forth my Son into this world,

You’re strong, no matter what is hurled.

Irrespective of what I am,

You have become the better man.

As you go on, you’ll never know,

Rest assured, I love you so!


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