Dark Love – a poem about……..

Another day has passed and I’m still not here,

You’ve taken it all, but left the fear.

Infected soul and murdered heart,

Destroyed a life, torn worlds apart.

I do not live, now all is grey,

These fragile bones, they do decay.

Tattered dreams that burn my eyes,

Nothing left but fractured lies.

A cut so deep that bleeds away,

Surprised I lasted another day.

I took it in, all that you could give,

Despite the hell, I tried to live.

You played it well, with all that seemed,

To tell untruth and curse what I dreamed.

You took my hope and burned it whole,

Left me with a blackened hole.

No alternative than the desire to die,

But I didn’t fade, I wonder why?

You cursed and played my tortured mind,

Subjected me to abuse unkind.

Battered me with all your might,

I didn’t have the will to fight.

You took a chance, it was your best,

To slash me hard across my chest.

As I fell and began to cry,

You couldn’t care if I should die.

With pain and blood, I fell to the floor,

Slowly, did your emotions pour.

You’d thought it through and you were thrilled,

Observing life potentially killed.

As I lay still, silently bleeding,

You reconciled a life still needing.

Thankfully I saw another day,

But I didn’t live in the same way.

It’s irrelevant, you killed me and that is real,

This dark love that I didn’t feel!



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