Down – a poem about……..

My thinking, is blinkered, my head begins to hurt, So useless, and worthless, I'm buried in the dirt. I'm prostrate, before you, falling to my knees, Submissive, dismissive, help me wont you please? So sorry, I worry, that this will drag you down, Feel guilty, please be free, why don't you let me drown. You're …

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Medication – a poem about………….

Another pill, Prescribed to make me better, If only that were true! Every time I consume, I fall further away, From the me you know! Tedium resumes, Whilst I am paralysed, Failing to recognise you! If I was truly free, I wouldn't be so scared, Not so easy to walk away! I am still here …

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Headache – a poem about…….

My mind aches, Dismiss all of these fakes, But it's slowly ratified. Too much thinking, Over analysing, Yet I operate with pride. Seeing the colour grey, Flowing day by day, Am I truly sanctified? Being this nothing, Whilst clearly something, Paradox is justified. I still cannot see, Why you believe in me, Living so terrified! …

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