Traffic – a poem about……

Vehicles trundle wearily along the 2.5 mile stretch of road.

10 miles an hour is the fastest they move, if lucky!

Frustration starts to build as we sit waiting for what seems like hours.

This journey is only supposed to take 10 minutes!

There isn’t any obvious reason for delay.


An impatient driver attempts cut across the traffic from right to left.

Fool! You can’t go anywhere! Now you’ve blocked the road and we cannot pass!

Rage from fellow drivers can be heard several cars back.

Tension in my head increases! I’m going to be late for work! It shouldn’t take this long to reach this point!

Driver blocking the road moves on, oblivious to the abuse being hurled at him.


Movement forward lasts for no more than a minute before we grind to a halt again.

At that point, my engine stalls and it struggles to start!

I roar in anger, banging my hands against the steering wheel.

How I hate this morning journey.

How I hate this traffic!


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