Numb – a poem about…………

The beast is closer to me than I thought!

It is real and not just confined to my nightmares.

It lurks within my realm of reality,

Operating within its own duality,

The dichotomy between us is significant!

I have little or no words to comprehend the magnitude of its sinfulness.

I am saturated and infected by it,

Unclean and soiled by its presence

It makes me feel numb!

My trust and my heart are now tainted again,

Bruised and scarred once more.

I breathe in the air that you did and now makes me choke.

Blacker than tar, it sticks in my throat making me wretch.

I want this reality, this existence not be.

But it is and I can do nothing but accept it.

These familiar surroundings are now stained.

They offer nothing but to serve as a reminder of the beast.

This space is now dead to me!

Yet another emotion is tortured, infected, destroyed and I feel numb.

No longer can I attach any sense of joy or happiness to this place.

Now it is simply a reminder of darkness, pain and suffering.

Thanks for this memory!

My pain is real and it exists,

Spilling through in to my world of happiness, clouding and infecting it too.

The true and real manifestation now penetrating my mind,

Yet another collected demon to lurk within my already crowded nightmares.

I feel numb!


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