Medication – a poem about………….

Another pill,

Prescribed to make me better,

If only that were true!

Every time I consume,

I fall further away,

From the me you know!

Tedium resumes,

Whilst I am paralysed,

Failing to recognise you!

If I was truly free,

I wouldn’t be so scared,

Not so easy to walk away!

I am still here now,

Afraid of what’s to come,

Surely it’s safe to forget a dose?

I do not want to be here,

For you to see me frail,

Please, please let me go!

I know that you wont,

Really love you for that,

But I am losing faith!

What is the point,

Of memories removed,

This pill is a curse!

Drained of vitality,

Grasping humility,

Failed in reality!

Doctors little miracle,

Sticks firm in my throat,

Doesn’t help in any way!



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