Down – a poem about……..

My thinking, is blinkered, my head begins to hurt,

So useless, and worthless, I’m buried in the dirt.

I’m prostrate, before you, falling to my knees,

Submissive, dismissive, help me wont you please?

So sorry, I worry, that this will drag you down,

Feel guilty, please be free, why don’t you let me drown.

You’re talking, keep going, it really is so kind,

Something, yet nothing, so I can free my mind.

These tired views, of past life, they slowly turn to hate,

I should ignore them, dissolve them, so they don’t seal my fate.

I’m hating, this mirror, because it distorts my eyes,

Keeps showing, me nothing, other than a life of lies.

The darkness, this greyness, it occupies my mind,

Without you, to love me, I’m feeling lost and blind!


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