The Brutal Reality of Existence – a poem about……….

I struggle to understand,

The mindset of terror,

Not the type confined to books,

Where we are disturbed by a writer’s twisted imagination.


I’m scared by life,

The actions of men and women that unfold,

Causing pain and suffering to the innocent,

Forcing families and friends to grieve.


Who is this devil that guides us along this path?

One of depravity, hatred and evil,

Where life is nothing more than a commodity,

Discarded so quickly through a misguided belief or opinion.


We survive the brutal reality of existence,

Thankfully fueled by our insistence to remain,

Without knowing what comes forth,

Unified as one in the hope that we will live on!

My heart goes out to all the poor souls who suffered in London on this day, Wednesday 23rd March 2017. May you all find peace!


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