Face – a poem about………

Weird and strange face,

In my head, it looks out of place,

Awkward and disjointed,

With a nose that’s too pointed.


Thanks for words so kind,

It’s not what I see in my mind,

Not that I care about rejection,

Just really don’t like my reflection.


Happy to hide behind a mask,

Wont reveal so please don’t ask,

The hate, it builds up deep inside,

Irrelevant, what you now decide.


Yet still I cling to what is true,

You see me and I see you,

Make up covers the scars we hold,

Reading a face and stories told.


Breaking the mask with a smile,

Yes, it happens once in a while,

I look at you and do not judge,

You’ve not noticed the eyeliner smudge.


Feelings strong, it is a disgrace,

Judging another based on their face,

Too many souls hide within,

They should be free in their own skin.


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