This is the Past – a poem about………..

Swirling through the blackness of night,
Demonic figures control my mind as the body lies dormant.
I am very much alive but no longer in the world I know,
Yet I recognise the surroundings of the environment I’m now in.
It is a hell most personal to me,
Crafted by intentions most cruel and the beasts are relentless in their pursuit.
Nothing but images of pain and suffering now occupy my thoughts with no sign of release.
I am trapped, merely a slave to these wicked creatures who taunt me without mercy.
Why won’t they desist and let me be?
It is constant and it feels so real.
I know that you are near me, but I am so far away and you are not here.
I am lost in the ether of what once was.
It is the nothingness of life, this is the past.
Yet it seems acutely real, painful to the last.
Tormented by the echoes of what was once before,
I arrive back in the now, weak and pained, wanting it to end.


2 thoughts on “This is the Past – a poem about………..

  1. The outstanding imagery in this poem is enhanced by your poetic choice of heavenly words blended with the rhythm flowing from your heart. In other words I love it
    fantastic fantastic.
    I’ll be grateful if you could check out some of my works too 🙂


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