Chain reaction – a poem about………..

It starts so innocently, 
Before tumbling downward into chaos. 
One word or action, 
Delivers an image to blacken my suffocated mind. 
Unleashed and free, 
This disjointed fragment of recollection splinters onward. 
It doesn’t care what pain it causes, 
Selfishly only desiring to invoke pain. 
Self worth and positivity are absent, 
Drowned in the pool of my own resentment. 
The lifeless bodies float in the grey water, 
Consumed in the hate of what went before. 
Gone but not forgotten,  
I yearn to feel the touch of hope once more. 
But it is quickly falling further from my grasp, 
Leaving me trapped and alone in this world of the never. 
It was just one word, 
Prompting a chain reaction of suffering. 
I am lost in a world so grey and pained, 
Will you ever hear my screams? 


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