In My Arms – a poem about……….

I am whole when I am with you,

for your light drowns out the darkness.

forcing my static heart to beat loudly,

I evolve in a love so true.


Pulling my soul free from the past,

you engage me in the present.

keeping a safe grip on my heart,

presenting me with a love so eternal.


Forgive, that I wonder if I’m in a dream,

for a love like this is surely fantasy,

yet, I do know the answer to this line,

as you are here, in my arms.


Saving my battered heart,

you inject life into my veins,

a drug so wildly addictive,

I consume it wholeheartedly.


There is nothing more to consider,

for all is presented to me in form,

you are here and I know it is true,

relishing this love so fine.


Sweet Angel from up above,

know that my heart is truly yours,

let me caress your sweet form,

forevermore, holding you in my arms.


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