Tired – a poem about………

I’m tired of work, with the boredom and stress it brings,
Tired of the pointless sales pitches when the home phone rings.
Tired of politics, especially the nonsense that politicians spew,
Incredibly tired of not being able to express my opinion, without some random fellow running me through.
Tired of the insects who attack me outside,
They force me back in doors to cower and hide.
Tired of the voices that roam in my head,
Why can’t they disappear, leave me to contemplate my own thoughts instead?
Tired of the sun that burns too bright,
Which leaves me irritable and restless at night.
I’m tired of lunatics that take innocent life,
Who separate families, child, husband and wife.
Tired that my children cannot go out to play in the street,
Because there is too much concern about who they might meet.
I’m tired.


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