Sprinkles – a poem about……..

As a young boy, I was thrilled by the sprinkles, which cascaded over my ice cream or angel delight. Little drops of sugary colour that illuminated my dessert and brightened my heart, which simply melted, forming new shapes of wonderment. How those days disappeared quickly though. Discarded and confined to memory, as age took me …

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A Life Restarted – a poem about………..

I cannot call into question, why you love me so, yet I do, constantly, for reasons that I do not know. What is it that you see in my smile, or the definition of my profile? that makes me want to shout out your name from the roof tops, declaring my undying love for you. …

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Angry Man in a Pub – a poem about……….

Dear angry man in the pub, why were you getting so vexed? Your behaviour has left me perplexed, because it wasn't just I that was so inappropriate, if indeed I was at all. See, I was just happy being me, chatting crap with friends, in an environment that I was entitled to do so. Sure, …

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