Angry Man in a Pub – a poem about……….

Dear angry man in the pub,
why were you getting so vexed?

Your behaviour has left me perplexed, because it wasn’t just I that was so inappropriate, if indeed I was at all.
See, I was just happy being me, chatting crap with friends, in an environment that I was entitled to do so.
Sure, our prose was adult, and for that I don’t feel at fault, because my verbs and nouns were no more offensive than what you hurled at your kids and wife.
Maybe it’s you that should get a life?

So what if I dropped a ‘F-Bomb’ into my conversation,
Surely that’s the risk you had to consider when bringing your younglings into the same location?
I was there to drink ale and not simply pale, to your insignificant indoctrination.
Okay, your kids over heard an unsavoury word, that shouldn’t be used in an environment of education.

But, I was out with adult friends, in a place that depends on alcohol consumption, not even one that caters for a nursery.
Adverse as you were to my choice of diction and intent as you were to bring about friction, I stand firm with my point, why did you choose this location?

Let me remind you of your choice of vernacular, your use of words from the gutter were truly spectacular as they were spat at your offspring and mother.
I was truly shocked at the attitude you rocked, as you directed your family where to sit, not be a shit and to ‘effing’ behave!


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