Black Waters – a poem about………

I feel like I am falling into an abyss,

drowning in the pool of nothingness.

The water is deep and black in colour,

it is so cold it could freeze on first sight and it attacks the nerve endings.

Nulling out my senses until I can feel nothing more than misery,

how I wish it would end.

I would give my life to feel the sweet calm of the hereafter.

Peering above the murky waters, I see the reflections of the now,

that’s when I see her.

She smiles so warmly, yet it’s tinged with a sadness,

trapped in this world of the damned,

Where nightmares of the past and present collide viciously.

How she deserves the calm and tranquility of rest.

Freedom in this world of chaos,

freedom from the intoxication that flows through her veins,

freedom from me.


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