I am a writer of dark fiction and horror stories inspired by the darker side of life, reality and the strange. I also write poetry which I feel is quite varied, but still inevitably drifts back to darkness.

I’ve spent many years of writing in a haphazard fashion and discarding the completed pieces, considering them worthless! Now, I’ve finally found the confidence and support, to instil a level of self belief and I’m happy to share my work. I started doing this by sharing pieces online, mainly on this website.

2017 sees me in the position where I shall be publishing my first book, a psychological horror novella called Flirt. I’m also hoping to publish a second book, which may very well be a collection of short stories. It depends on how my mood and creative flow treats me! I  have written a short horror story which will hopefully feature in a forthcoming anthology published by Burdizzo Books.

In reality, I have a wife who I adore and love more than anything! I am a proud father of 4 children, who all seem to get the better of me one way or another. My favourite animals are bats which are very misunderstood despite the many positives they have, particularly insect control and pollination. I’m also an advocate of the strange!

I have two red t-shirts, but I’m not sure if they actually suit me!

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